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The river originates in the [[Karakoram]] range in the south of the [[Kashgar Prefecture]]. A notable tributary of the upper Yarkand River is the [[Shaksgam River]], which is also known in its lower course (before falling into the Yarkand) as the Keleqing River ({{zh|c=克勒青河|p=Kèlèqīng Hé|links=no}}).
A part of the river valley is known to the [[Kyrgyz people]] as '''Raskam''', and the river itself is also called the Raskam River.<ref>S.R. Bakshi, ''Kashmir through Ages'' {{ISBN |81-85431-71-X}} vol 1 p.22, in Google Books</ref> The river is also known as the '''Zarafshan River'''.<ref>[http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmagaz/ NGIA GeoNames search]</ref> The area was once claimed by the ruler of [[Hunza (princely state)|Hunza]].