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In Canada, the [[Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission]] maintains a comparative process in issuing permits, ensuring that a variety of programming is available in each area, and that as many groups as possible have access to [[free speech]] over [[radio waves]].
==What type of services includes in planning permission==
* Your Dedicated & Personal Project Manager
* Your Dedicated & Personal ARB Architect / Senior Planner
* Formulating your Planning Strategy to win Planning Permission
* Carrying out Measured Site Survey
* Preparing Full set of Planning Drawings
* Preparing Design & Access Statement Report
* Preparing Photorealistic 3D Visuals
* Duly Completing your Application Form
* Submitting, Managing and Monitoring your Application
* Liaising with your Council on your behalf
* Implementing Our "Advanced Smart Planning & Design" technique which is unique to us<ref>[ Planning Permission London] ''''. Retrieved 8 June 2017.</ref>