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== Artifacts, paintings, models ==
The museum’s collection totals approximately 32,000 artifacts, equally divided between works of art and three-dimensional objects. The scope of the collection is international and includes miniature ship models, [[scrimshaw]], maritime paintings, decorative arts, carved [[Figurehead (object)|figureheads]], working [[steam engines]], and the world's only known existing Kratz-built [[Calliope (music)|steam calliope]].<ref>{{cite web|title=Museum History |url=|publisher=Mariners' Museum|accessdate=27 May 2013}}</ref> The museum holds important collections of paintings and drawings by marine artists [[James Bard]] and [[Antonio Jacobsen]].<ref>Mariner's Museum and Peluso, Anthony J., Jr., ''The Bard Brothers -- Painting America under Steam and Sail'', Abrams, New York 1997 ISBN 0-8109-1240-6</ref> The museum offers educational programs for all ages, a large research library and archives, as well as publications and Internet resources for teachers.
The largest boat in its collection is the ''[[Oracle Team USA 17]]'', the yacht that won the [[2013 America's Cup]].<ref></ref><ref name="Speed and Innovation">{{cite web|title=Speed and Innovation|url=|website=The Mariner's Museum and Park:|accessdate=5 June 2017}}</ref>
==Collection highlights==