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The magazine was responsible for introducing the work of several writers who have continued to produce important work in the film field, including Don Shay, [[Bill Warren (film historian and critic)|Bill Warren]], [[Tim Lucas]], [[Mick Garris]], [[Stephen Rebello]], Steven Rubin, [[Dan Scapperotti]], [[Dale Winogura]], [[Jeffrey Frentzen]], Paul M. Sammon (who authored the ''[[Blade Runner]]'' double issue and later turned it into an extensive book called ''Future Noir''), Dan Fiebiger, and [[Alan Jones (film critic)|Alan Jones]].
On October 17, 2000, due to complications from long-time, clinical depression, Clarke committed [[suicide]] at the age of 51.<ref name=NYT2000-11-9 /><ref>{{cite news|last1=Jones|first1=Alan|title=Frederick Clarke|url=|accessdate=May 1, 2017|work=The Guardian|date=November 20, 2000}}</ref> Editorship was briefly assumed by long-time contributor [[Dan Persons]], until rights to the continuing publication of ''Cinefantastique'' were acquired by [[Mark A. Altman]]'s [[Mindfire Entertainment]], who formally renamed the magazine '''''CFQ'''''.
In November 2006, ''CFQ'' editor Jeff Bond announced that the magazine would be "going on hiatus into 2007", promising that in the near future it would return "on an irregular basis for in-depth spotlights & special issues". The magazine was succeeded by ''[[Geek Monthly]]'', with Bond at the helm.