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{{Infobox river
| name = Yarkand River
| basin_countries = [[China]]
| length = {{convert|1097|km|mi|abbr=on}}
| source1_elevation = [[Kunlun Mountains]]
| discharge1_avg = {{convert|210|m3/s|cuft/s|abbr=on}}
| basin_size = {{convert|98900|km2|mi2|abbr=on}}
{{Chinese|s=叶尔羌河|t=葉爾羌河|p=Yè'ěrqiāng Hé|w=Yeh<sup>4</sup>-erh<sup>3</sup>-ch'iang<sup>1</sup> He<sup>2</sup>|mi={{IPAc-cmn|ye|4|er|3|q|iang|1|-|h|e|2}}|uig=يەكەن دەرياسى|uly=Yeken deryasi|uyy=Yəkən dəryasi|usy=Йəкəн дəряси}}
The '''Yarkand River''' is a [[river]] in the [[Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region]] of western [[People's Republic of China|China]]. It is one of the headstreams of the [[Tarim River]]. It is approximately 970&nbsp;km (600&nbsp;mi) in length, with an average discharge of {{convert|330|m3/s|cuft/s|abbr=on}}.
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