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==Donation of Jetavana==
[[File:Jetvan bharhut.JPG|thumb|right|Anathapindika covers Jetavana with coins ([[Bharhut]]) ]]
[ '''History of Jetavana Temple(VDO)''']
When the Buddha accepted [[Anathapindika|Anāthapindika]]'s invitation to visit Sāvatthi the latter, seeking a suitable place for the Buddha's residence, discovered this park belonging to Jetakumāra (MA.i.471 says it was in the south of Sāvatthi). When he asked to be allowed to buy it, Jeta's reply was: "Not even if you could cover the whole place with money." Anāthapindika said that he would buy it at that price, and when Jeta answered that he had had no intention of making a bargain, the matter was taken before the Lords of Justice, who decided that if the price mentioned were paid, Anāthapindika had the right of purchase. Anāthapindika had gold brought down in carts and covered Jetavana with pieces laid side by side. (This incident is illustrated in a bas-relief at the [[Bharhut]] Tope; see Cunningham - the Stūpa of Bharhut, Pl.lvii., pp. 84–6). The money brought in the first journey was found insufficient to cover one small spot near the gateway. So Anāthapindika sent his servants back for more, but Jeta, inspired by Anāthapindika's earnestness, asked to be allowed to give this spot. Anāthapindika agreed and Jeta erected there a gateway, with a room over it. Anāthapindika built in the grounds dwelling rooms, retiring rooms, store rooms and service halls, halls with fireplaces, closets, cloisters, halls for exercise, wells, bathrooms, ponds, open and roofed sheds, etc. (Vin.ii.158f).
Jetavana is currently a historical park, with remains of many ancient buildings such as monasteries, huts (such as the [[Gandhakuti]] and the [[Kosambakuti]]) and [[stupa]]s. In Jetavana is also located the second-holiest tree of Buddhism: the [[Anandabodhi Tree]]. A visit to Savatthi and Jetavana is part of the [[Buddhist Pilgrimage|Buddhist pilgrim route]] in North-India. The most revered place in Jetavana is the Gandhakuti, where Buddha used to stay. Jetavana is located at {{coord|27.509466|N|82.040073|E|type:landmark_region:IN|display=inline,title}}.
==Photo gallery==
<nowiki>[ Jetavan Temple was founded by a great donator]</nowiki>==Photo gallery==
Image:Anandabodhi.jpg|Anandabodhi tree in Jetavana monastery.
Image:Jetavana1.jpg|Scene in Jetavana, showing some small stupas.
Image:Anandabodhi2.jpg|[[bhikkhu|Buddhist monks]] meditating under the Ananda[[bodhi tree]].