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Jagger and his business partner Pat Townshend developed the guitar company [[Staccato (music company)|Staccato]] in the mid-1980s. Townshend designed the magnesium alloy guitar called, "The Staccato." The guitar featured a neck and bridge system that could be swapped out. The user could interchange a bass neck for a six-string neck. Some models featured no volume or tone pots. The user could activate the volume controls on a touch sensitive LED pad.
A prototype bass was built in Norfolk, England in 1983, and a business partnership was formed to produce Staccato guitars, at the old school house in Woodbastwick, Norfolk. The partners on equal shares were Pat Townshend, Bill Wyman, and Chris and Mick Jagger. The company went under in 1987. [[Gene Simmons]] can be seen playing a Staccato bass during [[Kiss (band)| Kiss]]' Crazy Night's tour.
In England, he also organised charity concerts: one for [[Bosnia]] (''Bop for Bosnia'') and the three others for [[Tibet]] including one at Alexandra Palace London in the presence of H.H. the Dalai Lama, where the acts included Dave Gilmour and Sinead O'Connor.
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