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|events=materials used to build [[Zakimi Castle]] (1416-1422)
{{Nihongo|'''Yamada Castle''' |山田城|Yamada jō}} was a Ryukyuan [[gusuku]] during the [[History of the Ryukyu Islands#Gusuku Period|Gusuku Period]] of RyūkyūanRyukyuan history. It is famous for being the birthplace of the Ryukyuan general [[Gosamaru]].<ref name=jiten-gosamaru>"Gosamaru." ''Okinawa konpakuto jiten'' (沖縄コンパクト事典, "Okinawa Compact Encyclopedia"). [http://ryukyushimpo.jp/news/storyid-41392-storytopic-121.html Ryukyu Shimpo] (琉球新報). 1 March 2003. Accessed 25 July 2009.</ref> Gosamaru led the army of the castle's [[magiri]] against [[Nakijin Castle]] in 1416, helping the [[Shō Hashi|King]] of [[Chūzan]] to conquer [[Hokuzan]]. In return for his loyaly, Gosamaru was given land in [[Yomitan, Okinawa|Yomitanzan]] and allowed to build a new gusuku. He used materials from Yamada Castle to build [[Zakimi Castle]] in 1420.<ref name=jiten-gosamaru /> The ruins of Yamada Castle are in present-day [[Onna, Okinawa]], in the Yamada district.
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