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| population_total = 13,823671
| population_as_of = JanuaryOctober 20132016
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{{nihongo|'''Kadena'''|嘉手納町|Kadena-chō|[[Okinawan language|Okinawan]]: ''Kadina''}} is a [[List of towns in Japan|town]] located in [[Nakagami District, Okinawa|Nakagami District]], [[Okinawa Prefecture]], [[Japan]].<ref name="c" />
As of 2013October 2016, the town had an estimated [[population]] of 13,823671 and a [[population density|density]] of 920910 persons per km². The total area is {{convert|15.04|km2|mi2}}. Approximately 85% of the town is controlled by the US Government including [[Kadena Air Base]], the second-largest base in the [[United States Air Force]].<ref name="pop" /><ref name="e" />