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According to an article in ''Time'',<ref>''Time,'' Monday, April 15, 1957</ref> [[skiffle]] was new to the UK, and the 2i's Coffee Bar and, nearby, [[The Cat's Whisker]], founded by [[Peter Evans (restaurateur)|Peter Evans]], were where "Soho hipsters swelter and suffocate for it... and... generally the musicians were paid with coffee and cokes".<ref>McDevitt, Chas: ''Skiffle: The Definitive Inside Story''. Robson Books. ISBN 1-86105-140-9</ref> Evans later started the [[Aberdeen Angus Steak Houses|Angus Steak Houses]] from the bar. [[Lionel Bart]] and [[Mickie Most]] worked there as waiters.<ref name=birthplace/> [[Led Zeppelin]]'s manager, [[Peter Grant (music manager)|Peter Grant]], was a bouncer at the 2i's prior to his career in the music business.<ref name=welch>{{cite book|last=Welch|first=Chris|year=2002|title=Peter Grant: The Man Who Led Zeppelin|location=London|publisher=Omnibus Press|page=19|isbn=0-7119-9195-2}}</ref>
The 2i's closed in 1967. It later became the Dome Café Bar and then the Boulevard Bar. The site then became The House of Ho, a modern Vietnamese restaurant owned by world-renowned chef [[Bobby Chinn]]. Every Sunday the restaurant holds 'Bobby's Rock'n'Roll Brunch' to celebrate the history of the site <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=THE HISTORY OF THE 2i’s COFFEE BAR|work=Musicstorytellers|accessdate=21 December 2014}}</ref> and its rock and roll roots.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=House of Ho||accessdate=21 December 2014}}</ref> The House of Ho was rebranded HO and thisthe branch has now closed, (asand ofit Mayat July 2016) Poppies Fish & Chips restaurant.