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This is a general overview of the broad categories of trials that are typically granted by BAG members. These do not not constitute 'official types', and when exactly a 'short' trial becomes a 'long' trial is [[Sorites paradox|best left to philosophers]]. In practice, BAG members simply state the specific length and conditions of a trial (''Approved for trial, 50 edits''), rather than the trial type (''Approved for a short trial'') with the {{tl|BotTrial}}/{{tl|BotExtendedTrial}} templates.
Additional conditions on trials can always be specified. In particular, a BRFA with multiple subtasks should demonstrate technical soundness and consensus for ''all'' subtasks during the trial. BAG members may require the trial to have a specific number of edits for each substask, or require a trial with enough edits that each substask is demonstrated.