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| Name = Recital
| Type = Studio
| Producer = Nigel Kennedy
| Last album = ''The Four Elements''<br>(2011)
| This album = '''''Recital'''''<br />(2013)
| Next album = ''My World''<br />(2016)
'''''Recital''''' is a 2013 jazz album by [[Nigel Kennedy]], and the Orchestra of Life for Sony Classical.<ref>Whitaker's Shorts: Five Years in Review 1472906160 Bloomsbury Publishing - 2013 "city's music scene, leading to setting up a jazz quintet and the Orchestra of Life (for young classical musicians who, like Kennedy, have a jazz bent).</ref><ref>In March 2013 Sony, Classical released Nigel Kennedy's new album Recital ...</ref><ref>[[The Independent]] [ Review]</ref>
==Track listing==
#Sweet & slowSlow ([[Fats Waller]])
#"[[Take Five]]" ([[Dave Brubeck]])
#I'm crazyCrazy aboutAbout myMy babyBaby (Fats Waller)
#Por do sol (Ze Gomez)
#Viper's dragDrag (Fats Waller)
#New dawnDawn (Nigel Kennedy)
#Out of the oceanOcean (Irish Traditional / Nigel Kennedy)
#How canCan youYou faceFace meMe nowNow (Fats Waller)
#Allegro - inspired by Bach (Bach / Kennedy)
#Vivace - inspired by Bach (Bach / Kennedy)
#Helena's honeysuckleHoneysuckle (Yaron Stavi)
#Dusk (Nigel Kennedy)
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