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===Upstream Influences ===
In 1953 water quality in the lake was negatively affected when the [[Cominco]] phosphate fertilizer plant on the Kootenay River at [[Kimberley, British Columbia|Kimberley]] opened.<ref name=cominco>[http://www.fwcp.ca/version2/about/background.php, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Background and History, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]</ref> Large quantities of [[phosphorus]] entered the Kootenay River; the cause of [[cyanobacteria]]l blooms from the 1950s until the early 1970s. This plant closed in 1973 eliminating these phosphates.<ref name=cominco/> . The construction of the [[Libby Dam]] on the [[Kootenai River]] in [[Montana]] and the Duncan Dam 1967 on the Duncan river, combined to further reduce natural phosphorus levels in the lake from the recorded highs.<ref name=lake/>
=== Ferry ===