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(→‎Water Quality =: Water Quality is the issue. It has changed over the years. In the 1950's the issue was fertilizer phosphorus was put into the Kootenay River hundreds of miles upstream of Kootenay Lake. This fertilizer created a fantastic fishery ....)
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(→‎Water Quality =: Added Duncan Dam)
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=== Water Quality ====
In 1953 water quality in the lake was negatively affected when the [[Cominco]] phosphate fertilizer plant on the Kootenay River at [[Kimberley, British Columbia|Kimberley]] opened.<ref name=cominco>[http://www.fwcp.ca/version2/about/background.php, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Background and History, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]</ref> Large quantities of [[phosphorus]] entered the Kootenay River; the cause of [[cyanobacteria]]l blooms from the 1950s until the early 1970s. This plant closed in 1973 eliminating these phosphates,.<ref name=cominco/> . The construction of the [[Libby Dam]] on the [[Kootenai River]] in [[Montana]] and the Duncan Dam 1967 on the Duncan river, combined to further reduce natural phosphorus levels in the lake from the recorded highs.<ref name=lake/>
=== Ferry ===