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The magazine originally started as a [[Mimeograph machine|mimeograph]]ed [[fanzine]] in 1967, then relaunched as a glossy, [[offset printing|offset printed]] quarterly in 1970 by [[publisher]]/[[editing|editor]] [[Frederick S. Clarke]].<ref name=NYT2000-11-9>{{cite news|title=Frederick S. Clarke, 51, of Cinefantastique|newspaper=The New York Times|date=9 November 2000|access-date=4 September 2016|url=http}}
</ref> Intended as a serious critical/review journal of the [[genre]]s, the magazine immediately set itself apart from such competitors as ''[[Famous Monsters of Filmland]]'' and ''[[The Monster Times]]'' due to its slick paper stock and use of full color interior film stills. ''Cinefantastique'''s articles and reviews emphasized an intelligent, near-scholarly approach, a then-unusual slant for such a genre-specific magazine. Advertisements were few, with most of them being only ads for other titles and materials by the publisher. This lack of "page padding" assured the reader a high proportion of original editorial content.