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* Manfred Schenk (1986–2002)
* Michael Seiß (since 2002)
==Sons and daughters of the town==
* Johann Heinrich Tafel (1673-1739), chancery consultant
* Christine Rapp, née Benzinger (born around 1760), wife of the pietist leader [[Johann Georg Rapp]]
* Johann Josua Stutzmann (1777-1816), philosopher (philosophy of the universe, letters to [[Goethe]]) and private lecturer in [[Heidelberg]] and [[Erlangen]]
* Karl Andrassy (1860-1949), physician, medical councilor, Chief Physician of the Kreiskrankenhaus [[Böblingen]] from 1897 to 1930
* [[Ulrike Frank]] (born 1969), an actress
* [[Tim Leibold]] (born 1993), professional footballer
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