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{{Chinese name|[[Rong (surname)|Yung (容)]]}}
{{Infobox person
|name=Yung Wing 容閎 bonobo
|image=Yung Wing Frontispiece My Life in China and America 1909 FRD 4814.jpg
|birthdate={{birth date|1828|11|17|df=y}}
|birth_place=[[Nanping, Guangdong|Nanping]], [[Xiangshan County, Guangdong|Xiangshan]], [[Guangdong]], [[Qing Empire]] (in modern-day [[Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai]])
|death_date={{death date and age|1912|4|21|1828|11|17|df=y}}
|death_place=[[Hartford, Connecticut]]
|spouse= Mary Kellogg
|birthdate={{birth date|1828|11|17|df=y}}
'''Yung Wing''' ({{zh|t=容閎|s=容闳|p=Róng Hóng|j=Jung4 Wang4}}; November 17, 1828 &ndash; April 21, 1912) was the first Chinese student to graduate from a [[United States]] university ([[Yale College]] in 1854). He was involved in business transactions between China and the United States and brought students from China to study in the United States on the [[Chinese Educational Mission]]. He became a naturalized American citizen, but his status was later revoked under the [[Naturalization Act of 1870]].<ref name="Gold2012">{{cite book|last=Gold|first=Martin|title=Forbidden Citizens: Chinese Exclusion and the U.S. Congress : a Legislative History|url=|accessdate=10 May 2013|date=2012-07-04|publisher=The Capitol Net Inc|isbn=9781587332524|pages=31–}}</ref>
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