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===Usinger Schloss===
[[Image:Usingen SchlossSchlossanlage.jpg|thumb|Schloss Usingen|left]]
In the middle of downtown Usingen is Usingen's stately home, the ''Usinger Schloss''. The home's exact origins have yet to be fully explained. It is assumed that it was built in the 14th century as a castle under Johann I of Nassau-Weilburg. Prince Walrad had a new stately home built on the castle's site in 1660–1663. The architect [[Friedrich Joachim Stengel]] (1694–1787) remodelled the ''Usinger Schloss'' into a [[Baroque]] residence between 1733 and 1738 as instructed by Princess Charlotte Amalie, Prince Wilhelm Heinrich I's widow. In 1873, a great fire destroyed the ''Schloss'', which was afterwards built anew.[[Image:Usingen Kirchgasse 12.jpg|thumb|Evangelische Laurentiuskirche]] Today it is used as a [[Gymnasium (school)|Gymnasium]] (Christian-Wirth-Schule). Bordering right on the ''Schloss'' is the ''Usinger Schlossgarten'', the stately home garden.
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=== ''Evangelische Laurentiuskirche'' ===
The main church of Usingen is the ''Evangelische Laurentiuskirche''.
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===Huguenot church with marketplace===
[[Image:UsingenUsing, HugenottenkircheMarktplatz 21, 23, 25-20160428-001.jpg|thumb|Huguenot church with marketplace]]
Another great fire in 1692 destroyed the so-called ''Usinger Oberstadt'' (Upper Town). The overlord at that time, Prince Walrad (1635–1702) gave orders for its prompt reconstruction. Symmetrical rows of houses, which still form the townscape now, were built, and along the Obergasse (Upper Lane) appeared representative buildings. The so-called New Town's heart was shaped by the ''Hugenottenkirche'' with what is nowadays the old marketplace. Benedikt Burtscher was the building master of the church, built in 1700 and showing in its building style certain commonalities with the well known church at [[La Rochelle]]. After the Huguenot church fell out of use with the union of the Lutheran Protestants and the Reformed Church, it was soon converted into a school. Today, however, it houses the Usingen library. On the upper floors are found many places where concerts and gatherings can be accommodated. The [[wedding]] room is a favourite place for couples to plight their troth.
=== ''Eschbacher Klippen'' ===
[[Image:Eschbacher-Klippen-Dezember-2016.jpg|thumb|Eschbacher Klippen]]
At the north end of Eschbach stands a group of [[cliff]]s up to 12 m high and made of [[quartz]]. The cliff wall is the visible part of a roughly six-kilometre-long quartz seam which continues slantwise across the Usa Valley to the Wormstein in Usingen town forest. From a [[Geology|geological]] standpoint, it is an oblique upthrow (fault with one side thrust up higher than the other) formed by faulting in the mountain range. The erosion-resistant quartz has lasted to this day and can be seen in many places in the Taunus, but nowhere is it more spectacular than here.