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Kadena faces the [[East China Sea]] to the west.<ref name="c" />
The Kadena area has some of the oldest settlement remains, in the form of [[shell mound]]s, on [[Okinawa Island]].<ref name="kadena">Kadena Town. "Kadena Town's History". Kadena Town official website. http://www.town.kadena.okinawa.jp/english/history.html (accessed 2 January 2017).</ref> The [[Hija River]], the modern border between Yomitan and Kadena, was the focus of these early settlements.<ref name="kadena" /> A number of ruins of minor [[gusuku]] (castles and forts) can be found in the area.<ref name="kadena" /> [[Amawari]], an infamous warlord, was born in the Kadena area while it was still part of Chatan.<ref>kadena</ref> Japan annexed the island in 1879, and Chatan became a village in 1908. During the [[Pacific War]], Japan built an airstrip in the Kadena area. During the [[Battle of Okinawa]] in 1945, the [[United States]] landed on the banks of the Hija River and captured the airstrip. The airstrip became Kadena Air Force Base. On December 4th, 1948, the American military government separated Kadena from Chatan and established Kadena village.<ref name="kadena" /> On January 1st, 1976, four years after Okinawa reverted to Japanese control, Kadena was elevated to town status.<ref name="kadena" />
===Neighboring municipalities===