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'''The Tech Report''' is a web site dedicated to covering personal computing technology and culture.<ref name = "about">[] TechReport's "About Us" page. August 8, 2009.</ref> The Tech Report specializes in hardware that is most relevant to home users and enthusiasts, and has excelled at analysis with prudent budgets in mind, producing quarterly system build guides<ref name="systembuild">[] TechReport's Summer 2009 System Guide. June 25, 2009.</ref> at various price points, and occasional price vs. performance scatter plots.<ref name="scatterplots">[] The value proposition June 9, 2009</ref> Equipment that appeals to "lowest bidder" decision makers, and equipment with obviously poor price to performance ratio are often ignored for reviews and in recommendations. Tech Report also has an active online community and a podcast. The website is also a supporter of Stanford's [[Folding@home]] and is currently ranked 25th in total production points as of December 22nd 2016.<ref></ref>