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It is located next to the area of the Celtic [[Heidengraben]].
== Geography ==
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== Geographical location ==
Hülben is a municipality on the northern edge of the [[Swabian Jura]], above the spa town of [[Bad Urach]].
==Neighbouring communities==
The following [[city | cities]] and [[municipalities]] are bordering the municipality Hülben, they are (starting from the north) called the [[clockwise]] and belong to [[Reutlingen district]] or to [[Esslingen district]] ¹
[[Neuffen]] ¹, [[Erkenbrechtsweiler]] ¹, [[Grabenstetten]], [[Bad Urach]] and [[Dettingen an der Erms]].
== History ==
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==Establishing and territorial affiliation==
Hülben was probably founded in the time of the Alemannic conquest between 700 and 800. The village name is a dwelling place name by the two '' [[hüle | Hülben]] '', where at that time had settled the first settlers. 1137 Hülben is first mentioned in the [[Zwiefalten | Zwiefalter]] chronicles. 1265 came Hülben as part of the [[House of Urach]] to Württemberg, and became Protestant 1534 after the [[Battle of Lauffen]].
Only in 1866 Hülben had his own parish.
==Population Development==
The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates of the State Statistical Office (only principal residences).
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==Coat of arms==
[[File:Wappen Huelben-alt.png|mini|150px|Wappen Huelben-alt]]
* Feuerwehr Hock, in mid-June
* May Hock, May 1
[[File:Hülben - Brille - 20110528-03.jpg|mini|220px|Hülben - Brille - 20110528-03]]
* Rolf Scheffbuch: ''Das Kullen-Schulhaus in Hülben''. Hrsg. [und Verleger]: Siegfried Kullen, Hülben, [Hauptstr. 18], 2011, ISBN 978-3-00-036752-6. [Erschienen anlässlich des 200-Jahr-Jubiläums der Erbauung.]
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