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== Tell-tale signs that community looks for ==
* Minimal competence with language: admins being asked to grant user rights are being asked to express trust that the user is able to operate within policy without satisfactorily answering to relevant questions asked regarding the policy. NotAlso not being able to [[English as a second or foreign language|competently use English]] may autosuggest suggestswrongly they may not have read the relevant policy.
* Requests that show no obvious clue as to what the user right in question is for.
* Requests that cite as evidence hypothetical benefits.
* Advanced knowledge of Wikipedia from the very start - hat-collectors may thoroughly read policies and guidelines to get their wanted hats faster (note that this might also indicate [[WP:SOCK|sockpuppetry]].)
* Not showing a genuine need for rights when requesting them.
* When a request is declined with good reasoning, repeatedly asking for how to obtain the right in [[Wikipedia:Questions allowed|question]].
== Cross-wiki ==
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