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== Life ==
Heino was born on 13 December 1938 in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk, [[Germany]] to Heinrich and Franziska Kramm. His father was a [[Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] [[dentist]], his mother a [[Protestant]]. His grandfather was the [[organist]] at the Cathedral of [[Cologne]]. He also had two cousins who were Catholic priests. Heino's father was drafted into the German army during World War II, and was killed on 2 August 1941 during the invasion of the [[Soviet Union]].<ref name="Official Web Site">{{cite web|title=Heino - official web site - Biography|url=http://www.heino.de/index.php?action=bio|accessdate=2012-01-08}}</ref>
Until 1945, Heino lived with his mother and his older sister Hannelore in Pomerania. In 1945 he began school in [[Großenhain]] ([[Saxony]]). After 1952 he went to Düsseldorf where he initially trained as a [[baker]] and [[confectioner]].<ref name="Official Web Site"/> In June 1959 he married 18-year-old Henriette Heppner. They had one son, Uwe, born in 1962, and subsequently divorced. He married his second wife, Lilo Kramm, in 1965; their marriage ended in divorce in 1978. Lilo died of cancer on 28 January 2010.
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