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[[File:Veste Heldburg (2011).jpg|thumb|Deutsches Burgenmuseum in furnishing at Veste Heldburg]]
The '''Deutsches Burgenmuseum''' (German Castle Museum) is a in preparation historical museum at the fortress [[Veste Heldburg]] (Castle Heldburg) in the [[Heldburger Land]] and in district [[Hildburghausen]] in [[Thuringia]]. It is scheduled to open in spring 2015.
The exhibition includes a lack of information about life in castles and castle architecture in the Middle Ages. The museum will include 40 spaces and an area of 3000 square meters in the Französischer Bau (French building) of the Citadel.
First, the opening of the museum was planned for 2011. The renovation work was delayed, and the construction work for the renovation of the fortress were started in June 2009. The construction costs were estimated at four to seven million euros in 2009.
The construction work will be guided by the Thuringian Foundation of Palaces and Gardens. The restoration of Heidenbau construction is complete, refer to the new premises concerts statt. The Completion of the building FRanzösischerFranzösischer Bau is the next target. The main part of the planned exhibition will be housed there.
The great opening ceremony of the DeutschesGerman Burgenmuseum attook place on 8 September 2016. Since September 9, 2016, the fortressmuseum has been Vesteopened Heldburgfor willregular bevisitor 2015traffic.