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As a songwriter, DuBois has had more than 25 Top 20 singles including 15 songs that have reached #1. DuBois has been the recipient of 27 ASCAP awards and in 2004 was named ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year.<ref name = "ASCAP" >Price, Deborah Evans (November 20, 2004). “Thrasher, DuBois Top ASCAP Writers”. Billboard, p. 61.</ref> DuBois was also named NSAI Songwriter of the Year for 2010 and 2011.<ref name="NSAI">[ "NSAI"] Retrieved on 2011-10-19.</ref>
DuBois began serving as Paisley’s executive producer in 2005 on the album ''[[Time Well Wasted]]'' which won ACM and CMA awards for Album of the Year.<ref name="ACM">[ Academy of Country Music]</ref><ref name="CMA">[ Country Music Association Past Winners] {{waybackwebarchive |url= |date=20120128015114January 28, 2012 }} Retrieved on 2011-10-19.</ref> DuBois has continued his role as executive producer for the Paisley albums ''[[5th Gear (album)|5th Gear]]'' ''[[American Saturday Night]]'', ''[[This is Country Music]]'', ''[[Wheelhouse (album)|Wheelhouse]]'' and Moonshine In The Trunk. In 2015, Chris co-produced the breakout WB debut album for Chris Janson
==Charting Singles==