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In the 1970s the city expanded with the new residential area "Roniger Hof". In 1979 the local hospital was put into service.
=== Sons and daughters of the city =town==
[[File:Ferdinand Malaisé by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.jpg|thumb|150px|Ferdinand von Malaisé by Franz Xaver Winterhalter]]
* [[Ferdinand von Malaisé]] (1806-1892); Bavarian General, Educator of King [[Ludwig III of Bavaria]]
* [[Anton Joseph Weidenbach]] (1809-1871), historian and archivist
* [[Franz Keller]] (1821-1896), copper cutcher, brother and pupil of Joseph von Keller
* [[Hubert Meyer]] (1826-1895), portrait painter
* [[Manfred Bruns]] (born 1934), Federal Prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice
*[[Alex Kempkens]] (born 1942), fotographer