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[[File:Geldanamycin.svg|thumb|Structure of [[geldanamycin]], one of the benzoquinone ansamycins.]]
'''Ansamycins''' is a family of bacterial secondary metabolites that show [[antimicrobial]] activity against many [[Gram-positive]] and some [[Gram-negative]] bacteria, and includes various compounds, among which:including [[streptovaricins]] and [[rifamycins]].<ref>{{cite journal |author1=Wehrli, W. |author2=Staehelin, M. |journal=Bacteriol. Rev. |title=Actions of the rifamycins |volume=35 |issue=3 |pages=290–309 |year=1971 |pmid=5001420 |pmc=378391}}</ref> In addition, these compounds demonstrate antiviral activity towards bacteriophages and [[poxviruses]].