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Since 2009, Claudia Panke has been elected mayoress of Wülfrath. At the mayor's election in 2009, Panke was elected as the new mayor of Wülfrath. She was able to win against the owner Barbara Lorenz-Allendorff.
At the mayor's election in 2014, Claudia Panke was reelected.
'' Previous mayors ''
* 1975-1984: Ulrich Schiller (CDU)
* 1984-1995: Helmut Kuhnert (SPD)
* 1995-2004: Ulrich Eilebrecht (independent)
* 2004-2009: Barbara Lorenz-Allendorff (independent)
===Twinned towns===
*{{Flagicon|UK}} {{Flagicon|England}} [[Ware, Hertfordshire|Ware]], [[England]], United Kingdom (since 1971)