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The southern terminus of US&nbsp;163 is located at a junction with [[U.S. Route 160 in Arizona|US 160]] south of [[Kayenta, Arizona|Kayenta]] in [[Navajo County, Arizona|Navajo County]] and [[Navajo Nation]]. The road continues to the south of this junction as [[Bureau of Indian Affairs]] (BIA) Route 591. US 163 heads north from US&nbsp;160 to the west of the [[Kayenta Airport]] as it passes through the town of [[Kayenta, Arizona|Kayenta]]. The highway curves towards the northeast in Kayenta before it curves back towards the north. As it continues towards the north, the highway goes through an [[Reverse curve|s-curve]], resulting in a northeasterly heading. US 163 continues this heading as it heads toward [[Monument Valley]] and crosses the border into Utah.<ref>{{google maps |url=httphttps://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=10818977684467706335,36.707750,-110.247170%3B16603538506835009275,36.997935,-110.175841&saddr=US-163+%4036.707750,+-110.247170&daddr=US-163+%4036.997935,+-110.175841&doflg=ptm&sll=36.85284,-110.223395&sspn=0.378563,0.639954&ie=UTF8&z=11 |title=overview map of US 163 in Arizona |accessdate=April 30, 2008}}</ref> An {{convert|18|mi|km|sing=on}} stretch of the highway from approximately {{convert|5|mi|km|0}} north of the US 160 junction to the Utah border has been designated as a scenic route by the state of Arizona.<ref>{{cite web|author=[[Arizona Department of Transportation]]|title=ADOT Right-of-Way Resolution 1996-06-A-031|url=http://www.azhighwaydata.com/resolutions/?syear=1996&eyear=&crc=2&rtnum=163&submit1=Submit|accessdate=May 1, 2008}}</ref>