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[[Michael Danos]] and [[Johann Rafelski]] edited the “''Pocketbook of Mathematical Functions''”, published by [[Verlag Harri Deutsch]] in 1984.<ref name="Danos_1984">{{cite book |title=Pocketbook of Mathematical Functions |editor-first1=Michael |editor-last1=Danos |editor-first2=Johann |editor-last2=Rafelski |editor-link2=Johann Rafelski |editor-first3=Milton |editor-last3=Abramowitz |editor-link3=Milton Abramowitz |editor-first4=Irene Ann |editor-last4=Stegun |editor-link4=Irene Ann Stegun |publisher=[[Verlag Harri Deutsch]] |location=Thun, Frankfurt/Main |date=1984 |isbn=3-87144-818-4 |id=ISBN 978-3-87144-818-8 |url=https://books.google.com/books/about/Pocketbook_of_Mathematical_Functions.html?id=rAMbAQAAIAAJ |access-date=2016-03-13}} (468 pages)</ref><ref name="REV_182_18">{{cite journal |title=Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books 18: Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stegun. Pocketbook of Mathematical Functions - Abridged Edition of Handbook of Mathematical Functions. Material selected by Michael Danos and Johann Rafelski |author-first=John William |author-last=Wrench, Jr. |author-link=John William Wrench, Jr. |journal=[[Mathematics of Computation]] |issn=0025-5718 |eissn=1088-6842 |publisher=[[American Mathematical Society]] |volume=50 |number=182 |date=April 1988 |pages=646–647 |jstor=2008636 |doi=10.2307/2008636 |id=MSC:33-00,65A05 |url=http://www.ams.org/journals/mcom/1988-50-182/S0025-5718-88-99805-5/S0025-5718-88-99805-5.pdf |access-date=2016-03-13}}</ref> The book is an abridged version of Abramowitz's and Stegun's Handbook, retaining most of the formulas (except for the first and the two last original chapters, which were dropped), but reducing the numerical tables to a minimum,<ref name="Danos_1984"/> which, by this time, could be easily calculated with [[scientific pocket calculator]]s.<ref name="REV_182_18"/> The references were removed as well.<ref name="REV_182_18"/> Most known errata were incorporated, the physical constants updated and the now-first chapter saw some slight enlargement compared to the former second chapter.<ref name="REV_182_18"/> The numbering of formulas was kept for easier cross-reference.<ref name="REV_182_18"/>
The “[[Digital Library of Mathematical Functions]]” (DLMF) and the ''[[NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions]]'', published by [[Cambridge University Press]]. a more comprehensive and updated treatment of the special functions was released on May 1011, 2010<ref name="NIST_2010">{{cite book |title=NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions |title-link=NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions |editor1-first=Frank William John |editor1-last=Olver |editor1-link=Frank William John Olver |editor2-first=Daniel W. |editor2-last=Lozier |editor3-first=Ronald F. |editor3-last=Boisvert |editor4-first=Charles W. |editor4-last=Clark |year=2010 |publisher=[[National Institute of Standards and Technology]] (NIST), [[U.S. Department of Commerce]], [[Cambridge University Press]] |isbn=978-0-521-19225-5 |mr=2723248}} [http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521140638]</ref>
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