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* Gerhard Wolf (born 1928), writer and publisher
* [[Christa Wolf]], novelist, born on March 18, 1929 in [[Gorzów Wielkopolski|Landsberg an der Warthe]] (now Gorzów Wielkopolski), died December 1, 2011 in [[Berlin]], finished school in Bad Frankenhausen
* [[Harald Vollmar]] (*born 1947), a marksman and multiple Olympic medalist
* [[Reimund Neugebauer]] (*born 1953), engineer and university teacher
* [[Nils Schumann]] (*born 1978), track and field athlete and Olympic 800 m champion
* [[Dapayk]] (*born 1978), producer and label owner
* [[Eva Padberg]], (*born 1980), fashion model, born January 27, 1980 in Bad Frankenhausen.
* [[Nils Schumann]], (* 1978) track and field athlete and Olympic 800m champion, born May 20 1978 in Bad Frankenhausen.
== Twin town ==