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* [[Selmar Schonland]], (1860-1940), botanist and a founder of [[Rhodes University]], born in Bad Frankenhausen
* [[Franz Winter]] (1860-1920), the first social democratic president of a German parliament
* [[Rudolf Aderhold]] (1865-?1907), Botanistbotanist, secret government advice, director of the Imperial Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in Berlin-Dahlem
* [[Martin Gottfried Weiss]], commander of the [[Dachau concentration camp]], born June 3, 1905 in [[Weiden in der Oberpfalz]], died May 29, 1946 in [[Landsberg am Lech]], studied electrical engineering in Bad Frankenhausen
* [[Ludwig Elsbett]], inventor of the [[Elsbett]] Engine, born November 8, 1913 in [[Salz, Bavaria]], died there March 28, 2003, studied engineering in Bad Frankenhausen