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This user endeavours to be kind and to appreciate kindness from others, but does not presume to tell others to "be kind." This user tries to follow [[meta:The wiki way|the wiki way]] and the precepts of [[WP:DGAF]]. If misbehaving, this user may be (virtually) whacked with a trout.
As of 1718:4700, 68 AugustSeptember 2016 (UTC), this user's edits have been distributed 9291% to articles, 43% to article and user talk pages, 23% to projectscategories and portals, 1% to userspace/sandboxesprojects, 1% to templates, and 1% to templatesuserspace/sandboxes.
This user has been [[Wikipedia:THANK|thanked]] ninesixteen times, once for every 4650 edits (excluding typo fixes which received thanks once in 840325 edits).<!-- Approx 196/400 + 505/600 + 976/1000 + 921/1000 edits were typo fixes. Non-typo fixes 323402 of 20003000 edits.--> These were for acts of kindness on talk pages<!-- one gentle witticism, and one thanks for offering thanks-->, article contributions<!--providing a statistic and noting its relevance for inclusion, and rephrasing a summary to reduce word count without sacrificing content-->, supporting talk page discussions<!--providing statistics on reliable source use of competing terms, and adding to a Request for Discussion on GMO's-->, and proactive technical contributions<!--noticing a complaint and inserting wikicode on several pages to prevent reoccurrence, and fixing a search string on a wikiproject-->.
This user has had edits [[Wikipedia:Reverting|reverted]] three times. Once was a good faith error the other editor self-corrected. The other two reverts, by the same user on the same article, were re-included (in the other editor's phrasing) following discussion.