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==Coat of arms==
[[Image:Siegelmarke Stadt Usingen - Preussen W0229250.jpg|thumb|Seal around 1900]]
The earliest seal whose appearance is known – there had been earlier ones, but what they looked like is unknown – dates from 1277 and shows the four [[Lion (heraldry)|lions]] (golden ones denoting [[House of Nassau|Nassau]]; silver ones denoting [[Saarbrücken]]), since the town was ruled then by the [[Nassau-Saarbrücken|Counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken]]. Later seals did not show the billets and crosses with which the fields are spangled, but they reappeared in 1935, when the current arms were conferred. An earlier town symbol, a cloverleaf (or heraldically, a [[Trefoil|trefoil]]), may explain the charge on the inescutcheon. This was also added to the arms in 1935.[]