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'''Usingen''' is a small town in the [[Hochtaunuskreis]] in [[Hessen]], [[Germany]]. Until 1972, this residential and school town was the seat of the former district of Usingen.
==GeographyCoat of arms==
The earliest seal whose appearance is known – there had been earlier ones, but what they looked like is unknown – dates from 1277 and shows the four [[Lion (heraldry)|lions]] (golden ones denoting [[House of Nassau|Nassau]]; silver ones denoting [[Saarbrücken]]), since the town was ruled then by the [[Nassau-Saarbrücken|Counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken]]. Later seals did not show the billets and crosses with which the fields are spangled, but they reappeared in 1935, when the current arms were conferred. An earlier town symbol, a cloverleaf (or heraldically, a [[Trefoil|trefoil]]), may explain the charge on the inescutcheon. This was also added to the arms in 1935.[]
==Geographical setting==
Usingen anlies deron the [[Usa liesRiver (Germany)|Usa River]] in the Usinger Becken at the north-eastern edge of the [[Taunus]]. It is located about 3530 km north of [[Frankfurt am Main]], 27 km south of Wetzlar and 5038 km northeast of [[Wiesbaden]] in the [[Taunus]], putting it on the edge of the [[Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region]].
The town core is about 300 m above [[sea level]]. The highest elevation in the main town of Usingen is the ''Hohe Berg'' ("High Mountain"), 414 m above sea level.
===Neighbouring communities===
Usingen borders in the north and east on the [[Wetteraukreis]] (town of [[Butzbach]], inand the east on the communitiescommunity of [[Ober-Mörlen]] (both), in [[Wetteraukreis]])the andsoutheast on the community of [[Wehrheim]], in the south on the town of [[Neu-Anspach]] and the community of [[Schmitten, Germany|Schmitten]], and in the west on the communitiescommunity of [[Weilrod]] and in the northwest on the community of [[Grävenwiesbach]].
===Constituent communities===
The town has seven centres named Usingen, Eschbach, Kransberg, Merzhausen, Michelbach, Wernborn and Wilhelmsdorf.