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[[Image:Usingen Schloss.jpg|thumb|Schloss Usingen]]
In the middle of downtown Usingen is Usingen's stately home, the ''Usinger Schloss''. The home's exact origins have yet to be fully explained. It is assumed that it was built in the 14th century as a castle under Johann I of Nassau-Weilburg. Prince Walrad had a new stately home built on the castle's site in 1660–1663. The architect [[Friedrich Joachim Stengel]] (1694–1787) remodelled the ''Usinger Schloss'' into a [[Baroque]] residence between 1733 and 1738 as instructed by Princess Charlotte Amalie, Prince Wilhelm Heinrich I's widow. In 1873, a great fire destroyed the ''Schloss'', which was afterwards built anew. Today it is used as a [[Gymnasium (school)|Gymnasium]] (Christian-Wirth-Schule). Bordering right on the ''Schloss'' is the ''Usinger Schlossgarten'', the stately home garden.
===Historic Old Town===
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=== ''Evangelische Laurentiuskirche'' ===
[[Image:Hattsteinweiher Usingen.jpg|thumb|Hattsteinweiher]]
The Hattsteinweiher near Usingen is the only bathing lake in the ''Usinger Land''. In summer, when the weather is good, it is the centre of attraction for many visitors from the Taunus and the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region.
This district indoor [[swimming pool]] makes swimming possible the year round. Designed as a sporting facility, it is the only public indoor swimming pool in the ''Usinger Land''.
==Economy and infrastructure==