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| name = ''BrianSwimming the dickheadReindeer''
| image = [[File:Sleeping Reindeer 3 2918856445 7d66cc4796 o.jpg|290px]]
| image_caption = The 13,000-year-old ''Swimming Reindeer'' sculpture
| registration = {{British-Museum-db|Palart.550|id=808748}}
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The '''''Swimming Reindeer''''' is the name given to a 13,000-year-old [[Magdalenian]] sculpture of two swimming reindeer conserved in the [[British Museum]]. The sculpture was made in France by an unknown artist who carved the artwork from the tip of a [[mammoth]] tusk. The sculpture was found in two pieces in 1866, but it was not until the early 20th century that [[Henri Breuil|Abbé Henri Breuil]] realised that the two pieces fit together to form a single sculpture of two reindeer swimming nose-to-tail.<ref name="brad"/>