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| image = [[File:2isx.jpg|250px]]
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| location = 59 [[Old Compton Street]],<br />[[Soho, London]], England{{postcode|W|1}}<br />United Kingdom
| publictransit ={{rail-interchange|london|underground}} {{lus|Leicester Square}}
| type = [[Coffee bar]]
| genre=
| owner = Paul Lincoln
The '''2i's Coffee Bar''' was a [[coffee bar]] at 59on [[Old Compton Street]], in [[Soho]], [[London]], betweenthat was open from 1956 andto 1970. It played a formative role in the emergence of Britain's [[pop music]] culture in the late 1950s, and several major stars including [[Tommy Steele]] and [[Cliff Richard]] were first discovered performing there.
The name of the 2i's derived from earlier owners, Freddie and Sammy Irani, who ran the venue until 1955.<ref name=storytellers>[ Musicstorytellers: People With 2i’s]. Retrieved 24 October 2013</ref> It was then taken over by Paul Lincoln &ndash; an [[Australian]] [[wrestler]] and wrestling [[Promoter (entertainment)|promoter]] known as "Dr. Death" &ndash; and Ray Hunter. They opened it as a coffee bar on 22 April 1956.<ref name=birthplace>[ 2 I's Coffee bar, The Birthplace of British Rock]. Retrieved 25 October 2013</ref><ref name=glinert>{{cite web|url=|title=The London Compendium||accessdate=21 December 2014}}</ref> Tom Littlewood, previously its doorman and a [[judo]] instructor, became its manager in 1958.<ref name=storytellers/>