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==Coordination chemistry==
[[File:DihydrogenBondingIrCmpx.png|thumb|140 px|Dihydrogen bonding exists between the hydroxypyridine and a hydride ligand in this iridium complex.]] Protonation of transition metal hydride complexes is generally thought to occur via dihydrogen bonding.<ref>Natalia V. Belkova, Elena S. Shubina, and Lina M. Epstein "Diverse World of Unconventional Hydrogen Bonds" <i>Acc. Chem. Res.</i>, 2005, vol. 38, pp 624–631{{DOI|10.1021/ar040006j}}</ref> This kind of H&minus;H interaction is distinct from the H&minus;H bonding interaction in [[transition metal]] complexes having dihydrogen bound to a metal.<ref>{{Cite book
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