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It is located next to the area of the Celtic [[Heidengraben]].
== Geography ==
== Geographical location ==
Hülben is a municipality on the northern edge of the [[Swabian Jura]], above the spa town of [[Bad Urach]].
==Constituent communities==
The municipality Hülben includes the village Hülben and a group of houses. <ref>''The state of Baden-Württemberg. Official description after circles and municipalities. Volume VII: Tübingen.'' Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 1978, ISBN 3-17-004807-4, pp 27-99</ref>
== History ==
==Establishing and territorial affiliation==
Hülben was probably founded in the time of the Alemannic conquest between 700 and 800. The village name is a dwelling place name by the two '' [[hüle | Hülben]] '', where at that time had settled the first settlers. 1137 Hülben is first mentioned in the [[Zwiefalten | Zwiefalter]] chronicles. 1265 came Hülben as part of the [[House of Urach]] to Württemberg, and became Protestant 1534 after the [[Battle of Lauffen]].
Only in 1866 Hülben had his own parish.
Nationally the community became known by the derived from Michael Cullin (* 1540) family of teachers named Kullen. From 1722 to 1966 (until 1939 without interruption) members of the family Kullen worked in the school service of Hülben. From the family Kullen came also the old pietism community, which helds till today the "fair Monday hour"
==Population Development==
The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates of the State Statistical Office (only principal residences).
[[Blazon]]: "In silver over a black Wellenschildfuß a black bar."
After a council resolution of 12 March 1948, the emblem of the already then no longer predominantly agricultural municipality should include other figures. The Wellenschildfuß refers to the municipality of origin, which is derived from "hülwe" = pool or lake. The bar is reminiscent of the Knights of Dettingen who had possessions in Hülben. The family of Cudi miles de Tettingen led this crest figure.<ref>''Die Kreis- und Gemeindewappen im Regierungsbezirk Tübingen'' Volume 4 Tübingen page 66 ISBN 3-8062-0804-2 Published by the National Archives Directorate Baden-Württemberg 1987</ref>
==Natural Monuments==