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This user is continuing to explore and learn about Wikipedia, making small contributions when able to help along the way. This page is expected to undergo changes as this user develops their skill set and decides how best to help and contribute.
This user considers themselvesthemself to be an [[meta:Eventualism|eventualist]], and believes that articles written over time in the main namespace will attract a broader variety of editors, helping to prevent group think and systemic bias. This user is an [[meta:Exopedianism|exopedian]] and is disinterested in social networking on Wikipedia or creating fancy vanity pages.
This user endeavours to be kind and to appreciate kindness from others, but does not presume to tell others to "be kind." This user tries to follow [[meta:The wiki way|the wiki way]] and the precepts of [[WP:DGAF]]. If misbehaving, this user may be (virtually) whacked with a trout.
As of 1317:0147, 246 JulyAugust 2016 (UTC), this user's edits have been distributed 8592% to articles, 84% to article and user talk pages, 32% to templatesprojects and portals, 21% to userspace/sandboxes, and 21% to projects and portalstemplates.
This user has been [[Wikipedia:THANK|thanked]] sevennine times, (once for every 4346 edits, (excluding typo fixes which received thanks once in 840 edits).<!-- Approx 196/400 + 505/600 + 976/1000 edits were typo fixes. Non-typo fixes 299323 of 10002000 edits.--> These were for acts of kindness on talk pages<!-- one gentle witticism, and one thanks for offering thanks-->, article contributions<!--providing a statistic and noting its relevance for inclusion, and rephrasing a summary to reduce word count without sacrificing content-->, supporting talk page discussions<!--providing statistics on reliable source use of competing terms, and adding to a Request for Discussion on GMO's-->, and a proactive technical contributioncontributions<!--noticing a complaint and inserting wikicode on several pages to prevent reoccurrence-->.
This user has had edits [[Wikipedia:Reverting|reverted]] twicethree (bytimes. the sameOnce userwas ona good faith error the sameother article)editor self-corrected. FollowingThe discussionother two reverts, by the othersame editoruser concededon tothe includesame thearticle, changeswere re-included (in theirthe ownother editor's phrasing) infollowing both casesdiscussion.