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[[Blazon]]: "In silver over a black Wellenschildfuß a black bar."
After a council resolution of 12 March 1948, the emblem of the already then no longer predominantly agricultural municipality should include other figures. The Wellenschildfuß refers to the municipality of origin, which is derived from "hülwe" = pool or lake. The bar is reminiscent of the Knights of Dettingen who had possessions in Hülben. The Cudifamily of Cudi miles de Tettingen family led this crest figure.<ref>''Die Kreis- und Gemeindewappen im Regierungsbezirk Tübingen'' Volume 4 Tübingen page 66 ISBN 3-8062-0804-2 Published by the National Archives Directorate Baden-Württemberg 1987</ref>
==Natural Monuments==