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==Coat of arms==
[[File:Wappen Huelben-alt.png|mini|150px|Wappen Huelben-alt]]
== Politics ==
The council Hülben has 12 members. The local elections in Baden-Württemberg 2014 were made in Hülben according to the [[majority vote]], this means that only one list was drawn up. The council consists of the elected honorary councilors and the mayor as chairman. The mayor is entitled to vote in the municipal council.
* 1922-1951: Ernst Schaude
* 1952-1982: Fritz Herter
[[Blazon]]: "In silver over a black Wellenschildfuß a black bar."
After a council resolution of 12 March 1948, the emblem of the already then no longer predominantly agricultural municipality should include other figures. The Wellenschildfuß refers to the municipality of origin, which is derived from "hülwe" = pool or lake. The bar is reminiscent of the Knights of Dettingen who had possessionpossessions in Hülben. The Cudi of miles de Tettingen family led this crest figure.<ref>''Die Kreis- und Gemeindewappen im Regierungsbezirk Tübingen'' Volume 4 Tübingen page 66 ISBN 3-8062-0804-2 Published by the National Archives Directorate Baden-Württemberg 1987</ref>
== Things ==
==Natural Monuments==
The '' Hülben stalactite cave '' was discovered during the construction of national road Bad Urach-Hülben on September 19, 1978, it is a stalactite cave with stalactites and stalagmites. aA about 5&nbsp;m deep shaft leads into the easily accessible part of the cave. This has about room size, but with only partial low altitude.<ref>Uwe Eisner, Klaus Baldzer: ''The Hülbener cave''. In: ''Bulletin of Höhlenforschungsgruppe Nürtingen.'' No. 12</ref>
==Regular events==
* Kirchweih Monday hour on Monday after the 3rd Sunday of October
* Feuerwehr Hock, in mid-June
* mayMay Hock, May 1
[[File:Hülben - Brille - 20110528-03.jpg|mini|220px|Hülben - Brille - 20110528-03]]
==Economy and infrastructure==
The National Road 250 connects the townmunicipality to the south with [[Bad Urach]]. The state road 1250 connects Hülben to the north with [[Neuffen]].
The [[Public transport]] is guaranteed by the Verkehrsverbund Neckar-Alb-Donau (NALDO). The community is located in the comb 221.
===Sons and daughters of the town===
* Hans Schwenkel (1886-1957), the Württemberg State Curator of Nature Conservation during Nazi era
* Gotthilf Kächele (1888-1969), baker champion and politician
* Eberhard Kullen (1911-2007), Federal Railroad official, head of old pietism community hour in Hülben
===Personalities who have worked at the site===
<! -. Ie those who lived and worked at the place or from that place of importance without being born there -.>
* Ernst Schaude (1916-2001), jurist, Government Vice-President of the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart, grew up in Hülben
* Markus Pleuler (born 1970), football player, comes from Hülben
===Famous pastors===
* Johann Ludwig Fricker (1729-1766), pastor in Hülben
* Wilhelm Zimmermann (1807-1878), pastor in Hülben, professor of German literature and history, a deputy in the Frankfurt National Assembly, Member of Parliament
===In Hülben active painters===
* Karl Wilhelm Bauerle (1831-1912), a painter at the court of [[Victoria (UK) | Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland]]