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Seewald has its own primary school in the district Besenfeld. The School enrollment is done in Freudenstadt. In Besenfeld there is also a municipal kindergarten, while in Gottelfingen is an evangelical kindergarten.
The district Besenfeld lies at the middle ground, a distance hiking trail, which passes by many sights. The entire community has a large network of bicycle and hiking trails. In winter, many kilometers of trails are groomed. Besenfeld is connected via ski track to [[Kaltenbronn]] and [[Freudenstadt]]. Several snowshoe trails are signposted, which can be used as a Nordic walking route in the summer. In addition, located in the district of Erzgrube Nagoldtalstausee which attracts thousands of visitors especially during the summer months and thus ranks among one of the biggest attractions in Northern Black Forest. The lake dams the springing in the district Urnagold River [[Nagold]] to a length of about three kilometers. Since May 2008, the municipality operates a quiet grove, a forest cemetery for alternative forms of burial under trees and glades.