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Goodman was born in [[Ruthin]], [[Denbighshire]]. From 1593, Goodman was originally educated at [[Ruthin School]] but was later sent to [[Westminster School]], where he remained seven years under the protection of his uncle, [[Gabriel Goodman]], [[Dean of Westminster]]. He was an earnest student and when only seventeen won a scholarship at [[Trinity College, Cambridge]]. He graduated there in 1604 and shortly after was ordained at [[Bangor, Wales]].<ref>{{acad|id=GDMN600G|name=Goodman, Godfrey}}</ref>
Goodman's first appointment was to the rectory of [[Stapleford Abbotts]], [[Essex]], in 1606. He made rapid progress in the Church, and was made successively [[prebend of Westminster]] in 1607; [[Rector (ecclesiastical)|Rector]] of [[West Isley]], [[Berkshire]], in 1616; Rector of [[Lower Kinnerton|Kinnerton]], [[Gloucester]]; [[Canon of Windsor]] and [[prebend]]ary of [[Hatherton, Staffordshire]] in [[St Peter's Collegiate Church]], [[Wolverhampton]]<ref>{{cite book |editor= William Salt Archaeological Society |title= Collections for a History of Staffordshire |volume=1915 Yearbook |location=London |publisher=Harrison |year=1915|url=https://archive.org/stream/collectionsfor1915stafuoft#page/n415/mode/2up |page=330 |accessdate=23 May 2016}}</ref> in 1617; [[Dean of Rochester]] in 1621; and finally [[Bishop of Gloucester]], 1624-1655. In addition, he held two livings in [[Wales]], at [[Llandyssil]] and [[Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr|Llanarmon]]. Even as a bishop, he was allowed to retain most of these appointments.
==Involvement with Catholicism==