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The Revised Version (both the 1885 and the American Revision of 1901) are some of the Bible versions that are authorized to be used in services of the [[Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America|Episcopal Church]] and also of the [[Church of England]].<ref>[ The Canons of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church: Canon 2: Of Translations of the Bible]</ref><ref>[ Versions of Scripture] The Church of England - A Note by the House of Bishops - While the Church of England authorises the Lectionary - what passages are to be read on which occasion - it does not authorize particular translations of the Bible. Nevertheless, among the criteria by which versions of Scripture are judged suitable for reading in church during the course of public worship are the following: 3 Versions of Scripture which are translations and appear to satisfy at least four of the criteria set out in paragraph 1 above include: The Authorized Version or King James Bible (AV), published in 1611, of which a Revised Version was published in 1881-5. Retrieved 5 June 2015.</ref>
==Later History==
==Revised Version Today==
The American Standard was the bases for many revisions in the first hundred years after it was released. The RV itself as never been the bases for any revision except for the American Standard and the Apocrypha in the [[Revised Standard Version]].
As the Revised Version is out of copyright worldwide, it is widely available online and in digital formats although it is significantly less popular than the KJV or the ASV in this manner. However, it is not widely available in published form today with only Cambridge University Press publishing it in the form of a KJV/RV interlinear.