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'''Kreuzau''' is a municipality in the [[Düren (district)|district of Düren]] in the state of [[North Rhine-Westphalia]], [[Germany]]. It is located on the river [[Rur]], approx. 5 km south of [[Düren]].
== Geography ==
=== Neighbouring communities ===
Kreuzau is surrounded by the following settlements, listed clockwise beginning in the north: the county town of [[Düren]] and the municipalities of [[Nörvenich]], [[Vettweiß]], [[Nideggen]] and [[Hürtgenwald]], all in the county of Düren.
=== Municipal subdivisions ===
The municipality Kreuzau includes the following [[civil parish]]es (''Ortsteil''):
* [[Bogheim]]
* [[Boich]]
* [[Drove]]
* Kreuzau (incl. [[Schneidhausen]]) with 5,150 inhabitants on 31 October 2015
* [[Leversbach]]
* [[Obermaubach]] (incl. [[Schlagstein]])
* [[Stockheim (Kreuzau)|Stockheim]]
* [[Thum (Kreuzau)|Thum]]
* [[Üdingen]]
* [[Untermaubach]] (incl. [[Bilstein (Kreuzau)|Bilstein]])
* [[Winden (Kreuzau)|Winden]] (incl. [[Bergheim (Kreuzau)|Bergheim]] and [[Langenbroich]])
In addition there was the now extinct village of [[Hemgenberg]].
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