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'''Antoni Zygmund''' (December 25, 1900 – May 30, 1992) was a [[Poland|Polish]] mathematician. He is considered one of the greatest analysts of the 20th century. His main area of interest was [[harmonic analysis]].
Born in [[Warsaw]], Zygmund obtained his Ph.D. from [[Warsaw University]] (1923) and became a professor at [[Stefan Batory University]] at [[Wilno]] (1930–39). In 1940, during the [[World War II]] occupation of Poland, he emigrated to the [[United States]] and became a professor at [[Mount Holyoke College]] in [[South Hadley]]. From 1945 until 1947 he was a professor at the [[University of Pennsylvania]], and from 1947 at the [[University of Chicago]].
His work has had a pervasive influence in many fields of mathematics, particularly in [[mathematical analysis]]. Perhaps most important was his work with Calderón on [[singular integral operator]]s.
==Mathematical objects named after Antoni Zygmund==
* [[Calderón–Zygmund lemma]]
* [[Marcinkiewicz–Zygmund inequality]]