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→‎Simplifying diffs: clarified & noted "synchronizes between revisions"
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(→‎Simplifying diffs: clarified & noted "synchronizes between revisions")
== Simplifying diffs ==
When moving or copying a piece of text within a page or from another page, and also making other edits in the same revision, the diff display can become clutteredmismatched to other lines and confusing. Instead, a diff can be kept clearer (simpler), by first using a separate edit to insert blank lines plus move, or split, text paragraphs, then after saving, in the next editfurther revisions, add or change text within the moved/split paragraphs. If paragraphs are both split and reworded in the same revision, then the new words cannot be highlighted as different from the prior revision.
A diff shows differences per line, so it reliessynchronizes onbetween revisions by matching the [[newline]]s and unchanged lines. Some editors find that having additional line breaks to break up the text improves the diff function. Otherwise, those large, massive globs of text arecan be difficult to compare. Keep sentences limited in length, such as with four prepositions, and seek shorter paragraphs. Long [[wp:reftag]] footnotes ({{tag|ref}}) may be split with internal newlines as well.
== Searching diffs to spot a particular change ==