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(BN-800 commercial operations expected this year, ce)
The '''Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station''' ('''NPS)'''; ({{lang-ru|Белоярская атомная электростанция им. И. В. Курчатова}} [{{Audio|Ru-Белоярская атомная электростанция.ogg|pronunciation}}]), was the second of the then [[Soviet Union|Soviet Union's]] nuclear plants. It is situated by [[Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Oblast|Zarechny]] in [[Sverdlovsk Oblast]], Russia. Zarechny township was created to service the station, which is named after the [[Beloyarsky District, Sverdlovsk Oblast|Beloyarsky District]]. The closest city is [[Yekaterinburg]].
== Early reactors ==
[[ImageFile:Zaretsjny main street.jpg|thumb|left|Units 1 and 2]]
Two earlier reactors were constructed at Beloyarsk: an AMB-100 reactor (operational 1964–1983) and an AMB-200 reactor (operational 1967–1989).
== Later reactors ==
[[ImageFile:BN-600 nuclear reactor.jpg|thumb|Cutaway model of the [[BN-600]] reactor]]
Two reactors are now in operation: a [[BN-600 reactor|BN-600]] [[fast breeder reactor]], generating 600 [[Watt (unit)|MWe]] and a [[BN-800 reactor|BN-800]] [[fast breeder reactor]], generating 880 [[Watt (unit)|MWe]]. The BN-800 is the largest [[fast neutron reactor|fast neutron power reactor]] in service in the world. Three turbines are connected to the BN-600 reactor. The BN-600 reactor core is {{convert|1.03|m|in}} tall and has a diameter of {{convert|2.05|m|in}}. It has 369 [[Nuclear fuel|fuel]] assemblies, each consisting of 127 fuel rods with an enrichment of 17–26% [[Uranium-235|U<sup>235</sup>]]. In comparison, typical enrichment in other Russian reactors is in the range of 3–4% U<sup>235</sup>. BN-600 reactors use liquid [[sodium]] as a coolant. As with most Russian nuclear power plants, the station lacks a [[containment building]].
[[ImageFile:BN-800 construction.jpg|thumb|Construction of the BN-800 reactor]]
Construction started on the larger BN-800 fast breeder reactor in 1987. Protests halted progress in 1988, but work resumed in 1992 following an order by President [[Boris Yeltsin]]. Financial difficulties resulted in slow progress. Construction costs have been estimated at 1 trillion [[Russian ruble|rubles]] and the new reactor was expected to be finished in 2012–2015 given current scarce financing. The BN-600 was originally planned to be decommissioned in 2010 but its lifetime was expected to be extended to cover the gap; it has been operating since 1980.
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